Skylight repair and installation

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Benefits of skylights

Skylights are a great design feature and enhance the natural light in your home or commercial building. During the winter months, where the day is shorter, having that extra amount of light may make a difference. To illustrate, a well-illuminate room appears to be bigger, dark places become brighter, and natural light can increase your creativity and learning ability.

Additionally, skylights ventilate humid rooms avoiding mould and help you save on energy bills as you will use less electricity. 

Skylights can also warmer your home and reduce the need for heating during winter; they make colours more vibrant and enhance your place’s interior appearance. 

Skylight Repair and Installation

It is essential to understand the function of your roof before the installation. A professional roofing contractor can install your skylight without compromising your roof and seal it properly to avoid leaks. A leaking skylight can cause damage to your furniture and floor.

Be aware that the amount of light and heat coming into your home or building can change according to the direction that your skylight is installed:

  • North: Skylights facing north don’t absorb or release much heat and provide constant and stable light.
  • South: If the skylight is facing south, you will have extra heat during winter, but the same will happen during summer.
  • West: A west-facing skylight will provide the most amount of light and heat in the afternoon.
  • East: If your skylight is facing east, the heat and the light into your home will be enhanced only in the morning.

When choosing your skylight going for the cheapest option is not always a good deal. Low-quality skylights can cause ultraviolet (UV) damage to your home’s furniture and floor. Also, different types of glass can compose a skylight; each one has features and treatments to improve its performance by keeping UV light out and insulating your home. Essentially, an inferior quality glass can worse condensation during cold months. A professional roofing contractor can advise you on the best skylight for your need.

Skylight Shapes and Sun Tunnels

Skylights come in various shapes and sizes. Some of them include rectangular, circular, oval, diamond, triangular, multi-sided, and tubular. Besides, the layout of the glass also changes and it can be flat, arched, domed, or pyramidal.

In addition to the esthetic, there is a critical installation factor to consider when choosing your skylight. If it’s going to be deck-mounted or curb-mounted. A curb-mounted skylight sits higher than the roof as it is held by a curb, while the deck-mounted skylight sits even with the roof. In practical terms, this means that a curb-mounted skylight is a better choice to prevent leaks as it raises about 4 inches above the roof area.

In case you are looking to increase the natural light of a room but don’t have enough space for a skylight, tubular skylights are a good option. They are also known as sun tunnels; they provide light to places where traditional skylights can’t reach. Sun tunnels are a great way to improve the light in a room while minimizing the heat loss during winter and heat gain during summer. They are designed to fit in small areas and are easy to connect to your roof’s ceiling system. Consequently, sun tunnels have a small impact on the roof’s architecture.

Skylight Repair and Installation
Example of a rigid sun tunnel
Photo credit: Velux

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